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Carmen announced as official selection at Vancouver’s International Film Festival
Both in terms of admissions and number of films screened (142,425 and 360 respectively in 2008) VIFF is among the five largest film festivals in North America. Films are screened from over 70 countries on 10 screens. The international line-up includes, in addition to many undiscovered gems, the pick of the world’s top film fests. Three main programming platforms make the festival unique: screening the largest selection of East Asian films outside of that region, and one of the biggest showcases of Canadian film in the world. Attracting a large, attentive and enthusiastic audience of film lovers, the festival remains accessible, friendly and culturally diverse. As the critics say, VIFF is very much a festival “designed for the benefit of people who love films and people who make them.”
Couple’s undying love being featured in film
After overcoming adversity for four decades, Carmen and Markus McCauley’s marriage could never be stronger. In fact, their love even attracted the attention of a documentary filmmaker. Larry Young captured the story of the Chatham woman caring for her husband, who suffers from multiple sclerosis. Carmen said Young found out about the couple while at a Toronto party with some people she knew. “A couple of years ago, I got a phone call,” she said. “He actually became quite intrigued.” The short film, titled “Carmen,” is to be shown at the Hot Docs film festival in Toronto in May. Carmen and Markus met in their teens and have never been apart. “I felt like I was a twin who found my other twin,” she said. Markus was undiagnosed at that time, but had numbness and tingling in his extremities. It wasn't long before they received the news. Markus, a standout musician, had MS at age 19. He eventually lost the use of his legs, before becoming completely paralyzed and unable to speak. However, Carmen said there was no question she would stick by him through it all. Full Article »
Carmen announced as official selection at Toronto’s Hot Docs
Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival announced its full film line up for the upcoming 16th edition, April 30-May 10, at a press conference this morning. From a record 1948 film submissions, this year's slate will present 171 titles from 39 countries in 10 screening programs.

“These are wild times,” noted Sean Farnel, Hot Docs' director of programming, “but as a reflection of the present, documentary continues to be a vibrant storytelling form, helping us to make sense of the world, even as it enlightens, entertains and empowers our audience.”

In the competitive Canadian Spectrum program, 10 feature-length films will be receiving their world premieres, including: Philip Lyall and Nimisha Mukerji’s 65_REDROSES, about the online friendship of three young women awaiting lung transplants; Larry Young’s short CARMEN and ANA AND ARTHUR, which offers a devastating portrait of the end of a marriage between a dynamic 70-year-old doctor and her 35-year-old husband; Rosie Dransfeld’s BROKE., a vérité look at an Edmonton pawnshop and its down-on-their-luck customers; Barry Greenwald and Alethea Arnaquq-Baril’s THE EXPERIMENTAL ESKIMOS, the story of a dubious government experiment which removed three Inuit boys from their families and culture; Srinivas Krishna’s GANESH: BOY WONDER, which follows the international media story of a poor Indian family and its son’s facial deformity; Alan Zweig’s A HARD NAME, which reveals the toll that decades in and out of prison take on the human spirit; Hubert Davis’ INVISIBLE CITY, which follows the lives of two black teenagers from Regent Park as they come of age; Albert Nerenberg’s LAUGHOLOGY, an epic quest to discover laughter’s source and meaning; Alison Rose’s LOVE AT THE STARLITE MOTEL, a peek into the murky shadows of Miami’s busiest motel; and Sarah Goodman’s WHEN WE WERE BOYS, a fly-on-the-wall glimpse into the privileged lives of students at a private boys’ school. Full Release »
Hot Docs Official Selection
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