Carmen : Documentary : Timeline
It began like the classic story of boy meets girl - Markus, age 18 and Carmen, 16. With the impulsiveness of young love the two marry shortly after meeting. It would not even be a year later that their narrative would shift to anything but traditional.
At 19 Markus is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, at 20 he loses the full use of his legs. When Markus loses his ability to speak, most predicted the young bride would leave. They were wrong. This year Carmen and Markus will celebrate another wedding anniversary.

A brief but extraordinarily effective portrait of a woman’s profound devotion to her husband, the classically shot documentary captures the
essence of this remarkable woman and her heroic adherence to her marriage vows. Young’s eloquent film challenges all our notions of “happily ever after.”

Director/Producer Larry Young is a first time filmmaker and debuts two films at Toronto’s International Film Festival Hot Docs this year: Carmen along side the feature documentary Ana & Arthur.
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